The People
We are a small family farm in the foothills of western Maine. John and Carolynn live in Stow, ME with their their children Justin and Hannah. Johns' older two children are off starting their own life journeys, Jenniffer  and Christopher.

We raise chickens, turkeys, and pigs for ourselves, and thanks to Carolynns tireless efforts we eat vegetables from the garden almost year-round. After recently acquiring about thirty acres of fields we hope to become further self-sufficient by raising grains and corn for our animals, hay for the horses, and who knows what else!

John focuses his attention on the work of managing small woodlots with a mind towards the natural ecology of a place and the landowners' desires. He believes strongly that horses are a superior tool for harvesting wood in many applications, especially in small woodlots where individual trees are being selected for removal. John has worked in small and large woodlots;  with horses, tractors, and forwarders; and has worked on private and public lands. When not working in the woods John is farming or in the shop fabricating horse drawn equipment and building furniture.

The Horses

- a 17 year old Belgian who has been with John since he was two. Casey is to John what Sal was to Paul Bunyan

Bubba - a 8 year old Belgian. Bubba is new to the farm in the fall of '10. A little out of shape, and trying to remember how it all works we are currently trying to get Bubba fit, and he is beginning to work as a teammate with Casey.

Recent Entries

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